Highways EP

by Lee Jaster

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released November 22, 2011

Lee Jaster // acoustic guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


Lee Jaster Austin, Texas

Folk, Texas bar-room anthems, and everything in between.

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Track Name: Highways
I was dreamin' of all the things I wouldn't do,
Started dreamin' of a life with you.
You were young and foolish of the mouth,
Soft spoken, yet you lived your life out loud.

Won't you tell me darlin',
What's left for me to know,
Can I really take it slow?
Won't you tell me lover,
When the lights are down low,
What I really need to know.

Tell me highways,
Couldn't keep us apart.

I was wondering why life could be so cruel,
Beginning to think that I'd soon end up the fool.
While I wait you sit around my house,
I wonder if you've left the door aloud.

I was there, but you had left and gone,
For so long now I thought our love was strong.
For only one chance, one left to go,
You didn't leave me 'cause you'd left,
You'd left long ago.
Track Name: The Love We Had
He was moving in,
As I was getting out,
The love we had,
Now forever in doubt.
As time movies on,
It don't seem real,
The love we had,
It was no big deal.

Why did I try so hard with you,
Why did I take such strong a view,
Why did I long to long for you?

Do you find yourself loving someone else,
To hold back the pain in your heart.
'Cause I've been told that a love is best,
When a heart is young and it has,

Remember me,
From long ago,
We had a love,
Soft and slow.
I move myself,
In and out of here,
Life is long,
I had no idea.

If you'd been my first,
You'd been my life,
But as it were,
You're the second hand kind.
If I don't move on,
Don't call me a fool,
I've always said,
Love's no golden rule.
Track Name: Let Our Hearts Lead
I don't mind if you,
If you wanna spend the night with me.
We could fight it's true,
But I would rather see what we could dream together.
I don't mind if yo,
If you wanna spend your time on me.
I've been travelin' through,
Trying to see the world so I know where I belong.

Love is hard,
Oh so hard to handle.
You get scarred,
Put up on a mantle.
It's been hard,
It's been hard for me to see,
What we could be,
If we let our hearts lead.

I don't mind if you,
If you wanna spend your cash on me.
'Cause I've been asking proof,
Trying to find the place I know I'm loved when I'm alone.
I don't mind if you,
If you wanna take your love and leave.
I've seen you alone,
And I know that I can only feel with you around.

I don't mind if you,
If you wanna spend your life with me.
We've been fighting through,
And I know that love with only stay for long.
Track Name: Roses
I've been confusin',
Love and illusion,
And I don't believe I've,
Ever really known the thing.
I've been hidin',
No more like fightin',
From the feelings,
Bursting out of me.
I've been treatin',
My heart like it's eating,
Up my life,
With every single day.

I know that roses are always in season,
There's always a reason,
For someone to need a rose.
Am I foolish,
For believing,
That every rose ain't always on the run.

I'm a distraction,
You're a reaction,
From the things,
We can't bear to say.
There ain't no reason,
To be cheating,
Unless you want,
To throw your love away.
I cant' believe it,
Or bear it reason,
But it's the only way,
To take my mind off things.

I miss your reaction,
The satisfaction,
Of doing wrong,
But loving you so right.
I can't believe it,
Or call it treason,
It turns out love,
Ain't always in the right.
Track Name: Blackbird
Music/Lyrics - McCartney/Lennon
Arrangement - Lee Jaster